February 10, 2011

Houses Near Water #1

40" x 48" oil on canvas.
Another of the 3/4 down shots. I wanted to try something quite different than the others I had done.

Detail #1. Sorry if these notes aren't lined up properly with the images. It seems to be something screwy with the blog, and I've gotten tired of trying to line up the type since it's different every time.
The paint is pretty thin so you can kind of see the painting underneath.

Detail #2 The paint here's pretty thin too.

Detail #3 Fairly abstract.


  1. Joy, joy, joy! Beautiful colors. Enjoying noticing the shadows, and composition keeps the eyes.

  2. Hi Dan! I just stumbled upon your blog. This is beautiful! They're all wonderful, really.

  3. I not the only one who likes Raimonds Staprans. ;-)