October 12, 2012

Houses on a Cliff

 18" x 24" oil on canvas. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. It's probably the easiest thing in the world to answer the comments but I've never taken the time to figure out how to do it. As I've said previously I like a painting to read pretty quickly, and I think this does. Super simple.
 Detail #1. This part is fairly abstract...at least like I use the term "abstract". Many people use the term "abstract" to mean splotches of paint, which can be 100% accurate. But the way I use the term "abstract", although it can mean splotches of paint, it can also be very distinct paint areas. So all of the areas of paint here are very distinct but are are very different from each other.

 Detail #2. Nothing amazing...
 Detail #3. The redish color is slightly more intense in the distance (upper right) to flatten the image.
Detail #4. Cliff in shadow on left, and sky in the center and on right.