January 4, 2011

House on Green and Brown

30" x 36" oil on canvas.
I don't know why the house came out so bland in this photo 'cause it's color is actually quite rich. In the painting the color is definitely affected by the color of the sunlight. So even though it's supposed to look like a white house it's fairly golden colored. I photographed this painting in the afternoon, but since it was lightly raining outside the color in the image is somewhat cool.

Detail #1 The color of the house in this image is more accurate than the one above. The color of the roof isn't dark gray, it leans more toward a cool red so it looks like a cool terracotta.

Detail #2 The distant hill is more blue on the right of the trees and more purple on the left. The value and intensity are essentially the same so it reads as one thing and not two. The green field is slightly more intense on the right.

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