December 29, 2010


27" x 36" oil on canvas.
1. I might have said previously that painting is a struggle for me, but I like the look of that struggle. I'll paint something, then possibly change the color, or often change the shapes until it looks right. However I don't block out the "mistakes" because the finished painting looks better to me when they are visible. This painting has lots and lots of things like that. It's easiest to see on the two closest fields on the can see what was painted earlier. Or look at the white building that's closest. You can see the light color in the dark side of the building. I really like stuff like that. I think it makes the painting much more interesting. So the painting looks entirely recognizable but it's really an abstract.

2. In the green field you can also see what was painted underneath.

3. You can also see the underpainting on the field on the right. To me it makes the painting much more interesting than if the "mistakes" were completely covered.

4. You can see it once again on the field on the right side, and in the wide "white" band. In fact there's yellow and pink that show thru on that band of light pink and pale yellow.

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